ReAgent Celebrates 40th Birthday

Dan Wiggins

23rd June 2017



ReAgent Celebrates 40th Birthday | ReAgent Chemicals

In 1977, Derek and Norma Millard received blessing from the British Empire, Imperial Chemical Industries, more commonly known as ICI, to setup their own company. June 24th, 1977, ReAgent Chemical Services was registered. This weekend marks 40 years since ReAgent was registered as a company, and to commemorate this amazing milestone, we’re going to have… Continue reading »

Bloodhound Project Update

Dan Wiggins

15th June 2017



BLOODHOUND SSC Project Update | ReAgent Chemicals

ReAgent is a sponsored supplier of the BLOODHOUND SSC Project, which aims to break the land speed record by creating a SuperSonicCar that can travel at 1000 MPH.  BLOODHOUNDS Objectives During the manufacture of the BLOODHOUND SSC, the team’s main objective was to ensure the car would be safe to operate and wouldn’t become damaged… Continue reading »