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A fully bespoke blending service

Whether you wish to minimise exposure to hazardous chemicals or simply focus on other areas of your business, we can ensure your chemicals are blended within a safe, controlled environment. With a range of raw materials at your fingertips and the ability to blend even more viscous substances, we can produce an exclusive formulation that’s tailored to your needs in a range of run sizes.

Our chemical blending services include:

  • Pre and post treatment of blends
  • Filtration down to as little as 0.2 micron if required
  • Blends at elevated temperatures
  • High viscosity blending
  • Powder blending.

We can advise on any aspect of the blending process, as well as sign confidentiality agreements to ensure the protection of your product.

High Viscosity Blending

Our chemical blending equipment is able to blend substances which have a viscosity of around 50,000cP, meaning more freedom for you when it comes to formulating your product.

Viscosity relates to the thickness of a substance and is measured in centipoise (cP). A centipoise is one hundredth of a poise and represents one unit of dynamic viscosity. On this scale, water has an approximate viscosity of around 1 to 3cP whereas a thicker substance like glycerin has a viscosity of 1-2,000 cP.

Because viscosity can be manipulated with heat, we use a range of heating equipment that allows us to blend higher viscosity substances.

Diagram of the Centipoise Scale

Tailored packaging and labelling options

Our chemical blending system includes a whole range of packaging and labelling solutions to suit the needs of your product. We’ll work to find a packaging solution that fits your budget and requirements, and can produce custom labels for your logo and branding exactly to your specifications.

Packaging options available include:

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottles in sizes from 5ml to 1 litre
  • HDPE jerricans from 2 to 25 litres
  • Steel, plastic and composite drums capable of holding up to 208 litres (55 US gallons)
  • HDPE or metal Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) with a 1,000 litre capacity
  • Glass ampoules
  • Sachets with a 1 – 100ml (or 0 -100g) capacity

We also deliver your finished product via our ADR-approved couriers and can ship to any location worldwide. We can also deliver directly to your customers as a way to reduce costs and speed up the fulfilment process. Just talk to us for more details.

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Why choose ReAgent?

Benefit from over 3 decades experience
We’re proud of our long history of providing first class chemical blending services and we are passionate about sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained with customers both old and new.
A service unique to your needs
We can blend batches from 1ml right up to 200Kg at up to 50,000cP of viscosity. Depending on your needs we can filter solutions down to microscopic levels of purity. Whatever your requirements demand, we offer the flexibility and expertise to make your products a reality.
ISO9001 certified quality
Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard helps to ensure we meet your needs and continually strive to improve the service we offer. It helps us provide a guarantee that every product we manufacture is of the highest standard.
Manufactured in the UK
We don’t outsource our manufacturing services or sub-contract any work abroad so we have complete control over the quality and delivery of goods we manufacture. Our customers know that their products are manufactured and shipped from our Cheshire based factory in the heart of the UK.

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