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Bloodhound Project Update

BLOODHOUND Project’s SuperSonic Car

ReAgent is a sponsored supplier of the BLOODHOUND SSC Project, which aims to break the land speed record by creating a SuperSonicCar that can travel at 1000 MPH.  BLOODHOUNDS Objectives During the manufacture of the BLOODHOUND SSC, the team’s main objective was to ensure the car would be safe to operate and wouldn’t become damaged… Continue reading »

ReAgent’s Involvement with BloodhoundSSC The Worlds Fastest Car


December 18th, 1898. Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat, a French race car driver steps into his Jeantaud electric car and sets the first recognised automobile land speed record. His top speed? 39mph (63.13 km/h). It’s bizarre to believe that at that time, this electric car was the fastest land vehicle in the world, and now we get frustrated on the road if we can’t… Continue reading »



Why did we visit the BLOODHOUND Factory? We’re a Product Sponsor of what is set to be the World’s Fastest Car. The BLOODHOUND SSC is currently under-construction at a factory in Avonmouth, Bristol and on 4th March 2015, we were lucky enough to be able to go along and see BLOODHOUND SSC in all its… Continue reading »