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24th October 2018



An image showing Absolute Ethanol in a 500ml container

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About Absolute Ethanol

Also known as pure alcohol, ethyl alcohol or simply alcohol, absolute ethanol is the alcoholic element of intoxicating drinks. While this means that it is not exempt from excise tax, absolute ethanol is not intended for human consumption.

Ingesting absolute ethanol can cause the familiar symptoms of ‘drunkenness.’ These include headaches, nausea and vomiting. It can also cause serious liver damage when ingested over a long period of time and can be fatal. Absolute ethanol depresses the central nervous system, and exposure can result in psychoactive effects.

Absolute ethanol is a highly flammable solvent. It should be stored away from combustible materials in a cool, dry area. It should also stay in its original container with the lid closed tightly. Pure ethanol irritates the eyes and skin and should be handled with caution.

Uses Of Ethanol

Absolute ethanol is used for analytical work in laboratories. In ultra-violet spectroscopy, for example, denatured ethanol or industrial methylated spirits are commonly used. Absolute ethanol is also used as a solvent, fuel and in thermometers.

In the 1800’s, ethanol was used to fuel lamps in the USA. However, taxes levied on it during the Civil War led to the cessation of this use. In the early 1900’s, these taxes were abolished and the first Model T Ford motor car was designed to run on ethanol until the Prohibition put an end to its use for this purpose.

 Where Can I Buy Ethanol?

You can buy absolute ethanol right here at ReAgent. Our online shop sells absolute ethanol in 500ml and 2.5 litre pack sizes, and we also have the option for next-day delivery. ReAgent provides the Ethanol MSDS with the product and this should be read and fully comprehended before commencing work with the substance.

Take all precautions to reduce potential risk and always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as approved eye protection, coveralls, safety gloves and protective footwear.


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