Ammonia Buffer Solution

24th October 2018



An image showing Ammonia Buffer Solution in a 2.5litre container

Looking for ammonia buffer solution?


  • We supply ammonia buffer solution in 2.5L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders

  • This product is sold with 10-30% ammonia and 5-10% ammonium chloride

  • We also supply buffer solution pH 4, pH 7, pH 9, pH 9.2 and pH 10

  • All our products come with further options, including customised labelling and specific pack sizes

Common standard buffer solutions

There are many standard buffer solutions, including ammonia/ammonium chloride. This and other buffer solutions are designed to have a specific reference pH and are used in many industrial and medical applications. Standard buffer solutions range from pH 1.2 to 10 using a wide range of different chemicals, including:

  • Boric acid and potassium chloride (alkaline borate buffer)

  • Disodium hydrogen phosphate

  • Hydrochloric acid (hydrochloric buffer, pH 3.5)

  • Potassium chloride

  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (phosphate buffer)

  • Potassium hydrogen phthalate (acid phthalate buffer and phthalate buffer)

  • Sodium hydroxide

  • Sodium acetate, potassium acetate or ammonium acetate (acetate buffer, pH 2.8 to 6.0 adjusted with glacial acetic acid)

  • Ammonium acetate and Disodium edetate (acetate-edetate buffer, pH 5.5)

  • Acetic acid and ammonium acetate (acetic acid-ammonium acetate buffer)

  • Sodium chloride, Disodium hydrogen phosphate and bovine albumin (saline buffer, pH 7.2)

  • Sodium acetate and baritone sodium (barbitone buffer, pH 7.4 to 8.6)

  • 2[4-( hydroxyethyl)piperazin-1ethanesulphonic acid (HEPES buffer, pH 7.5)

  • Sodium bicarbonate (carbonate buffer, pH 9.7)

  • Citric acid and disodium phosphate (Citroen-phosphate buffer, pH 5 to 7.6)

  • Cupric sulphate, potassium chloride and hydrochloric acid (cupric sulphate buffer, pH 2 to  5)

  • Diethanolamine, magnesium chloride (diethanolamine buffer, pH 10)

  • Glycine and sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate (glycine buffer, pH 11.3)

  • Imidazole, magnesium sulphate (imidazole buffer, pH 6.5 to 7.4)

  • Palladium chloride (palladium buffer)

  • Disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride and bovine albumin (phosphate-albumin buffer saline, pH 7.2)

  • Potassium dihydrogen, Hydrochloric acid, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, mercuric chloride, sodium azide (phosphate buffer, pH 2 to 7)

  • Calcium chloride, tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane (tris-acetate buffer, pH 8.5)

  • Sodium chloride, tris (hydroxymethyl) methylamine (tris-chloride buffer, pH 7.4)

  • Calcium chloride, tris (hydroxymethyl) aminimethane (tris(hydroxyl ethyl) aminomethane buffer, pH 7.4 to 8.1)

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