Ammonium Hydroxide AR 0.91 SG

26th March 2019


An image showing Ammonium Hydroxide AR 0.91 SG in a 2.5litre container

Buy Ammonium Hydroxide AR 0.91 SG from ReAgent

ReAgent can supply ammonium hydroxide solution AR 0.91SG in 2.5L and 25L containers, with discounts available for bulk buyers. This solution contains about 25% NH3 and minimum levels of impurities.

A detailed sales product specification can be downloaded from the website. We also offer custom packaging and personalised labelling, as well as different grades, specific pack sizes and bespoke blending to suit your needs.

What is Ammonium Hydroxide?

This is simply a solution of ammonia in water. Both as a gas and in solution, ammonia is a very common compound naturally found in the environment.

As a testament to its importance, ammonium hydroxide is an important source of nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for all plants.

Animals also need sources of nitrogen, including ammonium hydroxide, to build proteins, a nitrogen-based structure and in several vital metabolic processes.

Common Uses of Ammonium Hydroxide

This compound has many different applications, including:

  • In cleaning products as the main active ingredient or included in a mix of different chemicals. It can be applied to different surfaces, from stainless steel to porcelain. Household products usually contain 5-10%, whereas industrial formulations may reach 25% ammonium hydroxide.
  • As a source of nitrogen in the manufacture of fertilisers
  • As a precursor of alkyl amines (although some processes prefer to use anhydrous ammonia). Examples include hexamethylenetetramine and ethylenediamine.
  • In furniture making to darken the wood, giving it a natural stained look.
  • As a disinfectant in aquariums
  • In a qualitative inorganic analysis to identify the presence of copper, for example, producing a deep blue colouration in solution.

Different Grades

We can supply a wide range of ammonia-based products, including different grades of ammonium hydroxide solutions, with varied specific gravities. Simply contact us for a quote or technical question.

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