Analyser Solution Reagent 1 for ABB 8232 Ammonia Monitor

25th October 2018



An image showing Analyser Solution Reagent 1 in a 10l container

Looking for Analyser Solution Reagent 1 for ABB 8232?

  • We supply Analyser Solution Reagent 1 for ABB 8232 in 10L containers, with discunts available for bulk orders ver 4 items
  • This product is sold with 3.10 – 3.20 % w/v EDTA
  • We also supply Analyser Solution Reagent 2 for ABB 8232, as well as Ammonia Monitor Reduction Analyser Solution Kit for ABB 8241, 8061, 8062, 80652, 8065; Second Acid Analyser Solution (High Citric) for Kent EIL ABB 8241 and Second Acid Analyser Solution for ABB 8241 Silica Analyser
  • Full MSDS is available to download from our website
  • With all our products, we also offer further options such as personalised labelling and specific pack sizes

The chemistry behind the ABB 8232

One important point to note is that the probe can only measure free ammonia gas. This means the process cannot measure ammonium ion or total ammonia, which must be converted to free ammonia before analysis. This is done by adjusting the pH in the sample to a result higher than 11, usually done by adding sodium hydroxide to the solution. This solution – Reagent 2 – also works to fix the total concentration of dissolved species at approximately 0.2M.

In some applications a further reagent – reagent 1 EDTA – is added as a water softener. This is commonly referred to as reagent 1 as it needs to be added before NaOH (reagent 2). The EDTA solution is used mainly to prevent precipitation due to hardness present in solution and also eliminates errors due to ammonia complexes with some metal ions. Where problems with hardness are insignificant, this solution may be omitted. Reagents should be kept safely stored in plastic bottles. Typical use for continuous operation averages about 10L per month, plus around 50 ml multiple ammonia standard solutions.

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