5 Types of Chemical Coatings

Lucy Bell-Young

10th October 2018

Chemicals, Company News


Light coloured planks of wood

ReAgent is an industry-leading chemical manufacturer with the experience and skill set to create bespoke chemical coatings for a range of businesses worldwide. There many different types of chemical coatings that can be manufactured, and today we’re looking at the top 5. A chemical coating is any formulation that is applied to a material in order… Continue reading »

ReAgent Teams Up with BASF

Lucy Bell-Young

3rd October 2018

Company News


3D renders of white buckets of Elastopave by BASF

One of ReAgent’s most recent endeavours is linking up with the world-renowned chemical giants, BASF, to help repack and distribute their innovative alternative to traditional paving materials – Elastopave®. In case you haven’t heard, BASF is a global company that has dedicated itself to creating a sustainable future. Founded in 1865 in Mannheim, Germany, BASF… Continue reading »

The Chemistry of Autumn Colours

Lucy Bell-Young

26th September 2018



Autumn coloured leaves scattered on the ground

Autumn officially began 3 days ago. The days have started getting darker, the wind has got colder and the leaves have started changing colours – and chemistry is here to explain how. Aside from pumpkin-spiced lattés and bonfire nights, the colours of autumn leaves are one of the favourite things about this interim season. The… Continue reading »