Resiply is a company we’ve been working closely with for almost the last year. From our experts in the factory, working and mixing the product, to the sales team helping to sell the products, and our marketing team helping to expand audiences and attract new business. 

Resiply are a revolutionary company that manufacture a revolutionary alternative to sand and cement for pavement jointing and point paving. The extremely simple to use product has been a huge success with end users, business and suppliers across the country. Whilst we’ve been working with Resiply to tweak their product on a manufacturing level, we’ve been working closely with them in the office to help market, sell and advertise their product.

If you’re looking for the quick, clean, durable and convenient solution to professionally joint or point paving stones of all varieties – choose Resiply the revolutionary way to joint and point paving.  Our unique formulation of flexible polymers provide a hard wearing, colour enhancing, flexible and professional finish without all the hassle of conventional mortar.”

John Stafford, Resiply Limited

Working Closely Together

As previously stated, over the course of the last 12 month we’ve worked very closely with Resiply, John, the managing director tends to come to our Cheshire factory at least once per week. He meets with Gary, Technical Sales and Darren, Sales Director to discuss the evolution of his product, where to take the product next and constant quality improvement. Whilst Johns product was certainly impressive when he first met with us back in 2015, I think with the working relationship we’ve employed it’s safe to say that we have helped him to enhance the mixing and blending of the product to improve it’s quality.


Marketing Resiply

Myself and Darren Langton, Marketing Manager, have also worked with John and Resiply recently to help market the business and his products. We recently put together a newsletter which was sent out to business across the UK that could become potential suppliers of Resiply’s Product. The newsletter was well received and John is now in the process of creating supply deals with multiple distributors throughout the country.

COMING SOON: John Stafford Managing Director of Resiply Limited, ReAgent Chemical Services Testimonial


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