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ReAgent Makes the Move to Join BCMPA

Amy Hawthorne

11th March 2014


ReAgentJoins BCMPA

Recently, ReAgent decided it was time to become a part of the thriving community of BCMPA, joining over 120 members that already take advantage of the services offered by this trade association. Being a member of such a group builds new paths for ReAgent by creating simple links to other industry professionals. Before, these… Continue reading »

How easyFairs Packaging Innovations Show Changed how we Think

Amy Hawthorne


Packaging Innovations logo

“Packaging Innovations: The Future of Branded and Inspirational Packaging” ReAgent attended easyFairs Packaging Innovations Show 2014 as part of our plan to attend more industry events and see what’s on offer. We took some time away from the busy office to take advantage of the chance to listen to ideas from innovative brands and see… Continue reading »

Chemical Safety – The Daily Demands of Working with Chemicals

Amy Hawthorne

28th February 2014


Chemical Safety

When you’re dealing with potentially dangerous goods such as chemicals on a day-to-day basis, there are certain precautions and guidelines you have to follow to avoid serious risk to yourself or others. Some of these just require common sense, but you might be surprised at how much planning and detail goes on behind… Continue reading »

Kaizen – Continuous Improvement in the Chemical Industry

Amy Hawthorne

25th February 2014



‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese term used to define continuous small changes that can lead to ongoing improvement. It doesn’t matter how small these changes may be, as long as they are a step in a positive direction. In the workplace, kaizen signifies the daily activity of every employee at each level and is… Continue reading »

New Business Plan Unveiled

Amy Hawthorne

17th February 2014


Global Calendar

Recently, the team at ReAgent have been putting their heads together to decide what they want the future to look like, and an ambitious business plan was unveiled to the rest of the employees in December. Big plans don’t just happen overnight. We are looking ahead to the next four years and striving… Continue reading »

ReAgent Supplies Chemicals to Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Rich Hudson

15th January 2014



We were recently approached by global TV production company Endemol via our website to supply Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium Iodide and Distilled Water which were used in Celebrity Big Brother 2014. The chemicals we supplied were used in a task given to the housemates to make an explosive medieval magic potion. The experiment is… Continue reading »

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