Contract manufacturing services should be flexible, high quality, efficient, and cost-effective, totally aligned with your requirements, and give you control over product development.

Not only that, but you should deal with an expert, reputable company with high-grade facilities, quality accreditations, and vast experience in contract manufacturing to ensure you get the very best service.

Bespoke Chemical Contract Manufacturing Services

At ReAgent, we provide bespoke chemical contract manufacturing services for liquids, powders, gels, and creams. We can manufacture custom chemicals to your specification, and we can also work with you to develop new products.

With an expert team, specialist equipment, and access to vast stores of raw materials, we can provide you with exactly what you need. We can do this to an exceptionally high quality, no matter the quantity of product you need.

What Types of Chemical Contract Manufacturing Does ReAgent Provide - Contract Bottling

ReAgent’s Chemical Contract Manufacturing Services

Our chemical manufacturing services include:

  • Mixing and blending bespoke chemicals – whether you want to increase output, improve your formulation, or create a new product
  • Chemical bottling services – a fast and cost-effective service using bottles and labels that are completely customisable for your business
  • Prototyping new formulations according to your specifications and needs
  • Working together with you on new product development and design
  • Full production runs – we provide an end to end service to give you peace of mind
  • Delivery and international export, either to directly to you or straight to your customers
  • Contract packing services – a range of options, including repacking and labelling

Why Use ReAgent’s Chemical Contract Manufacturing Services

If you are looking to outsource your chemical contract manufacturing, ReAgent provides the freedom, flexibility, and security you need to work on and grow your business. At the same time, you will benefit from our expertise, knowledge, service, and guaranteed high quality.

What Types of Chemical Contract Manufacturing Does ReAgent Provide

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we provide:

  • Quality – no matter the quantity
  • Security and confidentiality
  • High-grade facilities
  • Exceptional customer service from a team of chemical experts

Contact us to find out more about our chemical contract manufacturing services and how we can help your business.


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