We’re often asked by customers and potential customers whether they can visit our chemical manufacturing facility in Cheshire, U.K., in order to conduct an audit at our premises.

If you’re interested in one of our chemical manufacturing services, whether that’s contract manufacturing, chemical repacking or our new biological reagents service, we are open to discussing a visit to our site for an audit. We have been welcoming customers for audits for many years and understand how necessary and beneficial they are for both us and you alike.

Both existing and potential customers are equally welcome to audit our facilities and you will always be treated in an open and hospitable manner. We respond positively to suggested actions resulting from an audit as we welcome any opportunity to improve our manufacturing facility.

Can anyone conduct an audit?

It is important that you meet certain criteria in order to conduct an audit. These criteria include order volume, order frequency, spend, and type of chemical you require. Our sales team will be happy to go through this with you.

Customers can come and audit our chemical manufacturing facility in Cheshire, UK
Our chemical manufacturing facility in Cheshire, U.K.

The benefits of conducting an audit

Conducting an audit prior to using ReAgent’s manufacturing services bring several benefits, including:

  • Determining that we meet strict quality standards
  • Ensuring that we comply with workplace safety requirements
  • Assessing our management systems
  • Meeting the team that you might be working with

What happens during an audit

What happens during an audit, and how long they last, totally depends on your requirements, the product you need, and how much detail you’d like to go into. Typically, audits include a look at quality, our environmental policy, and relevant equipment that would be used during the manufacturing process. You’ll also meet the team you’ll be working with so you can get a real feel for how we’d work together. At ReAgent, we like working in partnership with our customers in order to achieve the best for both of us.

Customer visits

We are also very open to customer visits to our site. We like to have open, transparent business relationships with our customers and encourage customer visits in order to strengthen and build that relationship. 

One of our customers, Q Technologies, arranged to visit our manufacturing facility prior to using our services. Principal Scientific Officer, Andrew Kemp, says that,

“My first impressions were exactly the same as they are now – ReAgent is professional, well-managed, friendly, open, and they really wanted to help. They have been fantastic.”

If you are interested in visiting us or would like to arrange an audit, contact our sales team.



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