Bromine Water

24th October 2018



An image showing Bromine Water in a 500ml container

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What is Bromine Water?

Bromine water is a diluted solution of bromine (Br2) in water. It is known for its intense yellow colour, but when shaken with an alkene it becomes colourless.

With highly oxidising properties, this substance is commonly used in chemical assays and analysis to test for compounds like phenols, enols, alkalenes , aniline, acetyl groups and glucose. These compounds can react with bromine in a halogenation reaction.


Bromine water was first discovered in 1825 by Carl Lowig, and then again the following year by Antoine Balard who found it in seaweed from the salt marshes in Montpellier.

Seaweed was originally used to produce iodine, but Balard identified that there was another chemical present with properties that sat between chlorine and iodine. Balard called this new compound muride, white derives from the Latin word muria, meaning brine.

In contrast, Lowig obtained bromine from a water spring after extracting it with diethyl ether from a chlorine solution. After evaporation, a dark brown precipitate was leftover. However, the publication of his results was severely delayed, meaning that Balard managed to get the first reference to this new chemicals. In this reference, Balard has already changed the name from muride to bromine.

Over 30 years’ experience

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