Buffer Solution pH 4

24th October 2018



An image showing Buffer Solution pH 4 in a 1 litre container

Why Should you Buy Buffer Solution pH 4 from ReAgent?

We supply buffer solution pH 4 in 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 10L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders. The MSDS is also available to download from our website.

We supply buffer solution pH 7, pH 9, pH 9.2 and pH 10, as well as ammonia buffer solution. In addition, all our products come with further options, including customised labelling and specific pack sizes.

What is a Buffering Agent?

A buffering agent, which can be either a weak acid or a weak base, can resist pH changes when bases or acids are added. These buffering agents are usually dissolved in water to make buffering solutions.

The way these buffering agents restrict pH changes can be demonstrated by comparing how buffered and non-buffered solutions react to the addition of acids or bases. In chemical terms, these solutions work by establishing an equilibrium between the acid and its respective conjugated base. The concentration of the acid and salt can vary, but their ratio (in log form) remains stable.

Examples of Buffering Agents

Monopotassium phosphate (MPK) is a buffering agent often used in the manufacture of fertiliser, it limits pH changes avoiding nitrogen losses and also works as a source of potassium

There are many buffering agents in the body to ensure that metabolic reactions occur within their preferred pH range. Examples include bicarbonate and ammonia, as well as some proteins and phosphate.

Many cosmetic and personal hygiene products are buffered to ensure they stay slightly acidic. If these products turn too acidic or too alkaline they could damage skin and hair.

Fast Delivery

All our products come with 100% quality guarantee and are usually shipped within 24 hours after purchase. If you need help, a member of our customer service team will be glad to help before, during and after your order to ensure our product meets your needs. We also offer free technical advice.


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