Cadmium Chloride

24th October 2018



An image showing Cadmium Chloride in a 2.5litre container

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Highly hygroscopic white crystal

With the formula CdCl2, cadmium chloride is a highly hygroscopic white compound formed by chloride and cadmium (hydrated forms include from CdCl2.H2O to CdCl2.5H2O). It’s highly soluble in acetone and water, but only slightly soluble in ethanol and practically insoluble in ether.

This compound can be synthesised by mixing anhydrous chlorine (or hydrogen chlorine) and cadmium at high temperature, according to the following reaction:

Cd 2 HCl → CdCl2 H2

Alternative methods include mixing hydrochloric acid and cadmium carbonate or cadmium oxide to make hydrated forms of cadmium chloride.

Applications: from bright-coloured yellow pigment to electroplating

The most common use for this compound is in the preparation of cadmium sulphide, which is a brilliant yellow pigment known as ‘cadmium yellow’. In the lab, cadmium chloride (anhydrous form) was previously used to synthesise several organocadmium compounds, which are subsequently used in the synthesis of ketones, acyl chlorides and others. Nowadays, these reagents have been replaced by less toxic organocopper compounds, but cadmium chloride is still commonly used in electroplating and photocopying; as well as dying and printing of textiles.

Safety issues

Cadmium chloride must be handled with care, as it can be toxic if ingested or gets into contact with skin. Effects from exposure may include burns, headaches and chest pains, leading to liver and kidney damage or even death. Full safety procedures can be downloaded from our website.

Friendly service

All our products, including cadmium chloride, come with a 100% quality guarantee and are dispatched within 24 hours after purchase. If you have any questions, a member of our friendly customer service team will be glad to help. Simply contact us for a quote of a technical question.


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