As Seen on Dragons’ Den: ReAgent Supplies Reviveaphone

Client Background

Reviveaphone’s (now called WeFix) creator Oliver Murphy appeared on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den in Series 11. His pitch intrigued the panel of Dragons and he was offered a £50,000 investment from Kelly Hoppen, who expressed her confidence in the product.

It’s a simple way of restoring your water-damaged phone. You simply place the phone inside a pouch which contains a cleaning solution. Seal the pouch and leave it for 7 minutes. After this, dispose of the solution and place the phone back in the pouch with a super-dry sachet for 24 hours. When you switch your phone on, it will be fully restored.

In his pitch, Oliver explained how 10% of people in the UK have damaged their phone in water, and that he was able to sell 1300 solutions in his first 10 months of trading.

Reviveaphone’s Objective

Oliver required a reliable chemical company that would be able to supply a chemical solution of specific strength and purity. He provided ReAgent with details of the chemical he needed, which was a product he had formulated in-house that safely removes the water from a phone. Oliver had developed the product himself and came to ReAgent with exact specifications which we were able to meet.

“ReAgent has excelled in providing me with the highest quality of chemicals.”
Oliver Murphy, Director.

Reviveaphone’s Requirements

  • Supply a specific strength of the active ingredient in the pouch, as this would clean the minerals in the water which become attached to phone components and cause damage
  • Regularly supply the product, ensuring it is always at the most pure level it can possibly be

The Results

At first, Oliver just requested one tonne of the solution at a time. As consumer demand has grown, we now sell in bulk IBCs of five tonnes at a time. We hope to continue to supply this company as business continues to grow for Oliver and his team.

As a flexible partner, ReAgent are able to send the product direct to Reviveaphone’s packing company. This means that they can relax in the knowledge that their product is in safe hands and is being passed on to the next supplier in the production chain.

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