Watch Our New Diagnostic Reagents Video

Kate Onissiphorou

26th January 2022


Diagnostic reagents

To give you an insight into our services for diagnostic reagents, we’ve put together a quick video that tells you all the key information you need to know. You’ll also get to see how our team of experts work within our factory, as well as our state-of-the-art facilities. Continue reading to learn more,… Continue reading »

Why Temperature Control in Chemistry is Important

Kate Onissiphorou

19th January 2022


Someone taking a woman's temperature with a contactless thermometer

Temperature is an important factor in determining the rate of chemical reactions, the extent of reactions and the stability of compounds. Many of the physical and chemical properties of substances are also dependent on temperature. For example, water is a universal solvent at room temperature in liquid form. However, if the temperature is… Continue reading »

Watch Our New Textile Coatings Video

Kate Onissiphorou

18th January 2022



If you have textile coating requirements, this video will tell you everything you need to know about how ReAgent can help. As one of the UK’s leading chemical manufacturers, we provide a quality textile coatings service that encompasses a range of needs, whether you need a specialist formulation or custom label design. Continue… Continue reading »

Types of Salts in Chemistry and Their Uses

Kate Onissiphorou

12th January 2022


Salt being used in chemistry

We are all familiar with salt, particularly sodium chloride, or table salt. We regularly use it to season and preserve our food. However, not everyone is familiar with other types of salts and their uses, for example, in manufacturing products like fertilisers, dyes, and polyester fabrics.  But salts also have a biological function.… Continue reading »

Watch Our New Chemical Repacking Video

Kate Onissiphorou

7th January 2022


Chemical Repacking – YouTube

Interested in ReAgent’s chemical repacking service? Then check out our latest video where we explain all the ins and outs of how it works, from the products we handle to our customisable labelling service. Alternatively, continue reading for a brief breakdown of everything you can expect to see and hear about in the… Continue reading »

How to Become a Pharmacist

Kate Onissiphorou

5th January 2022


Two pharmacists working in a pharmacy

A pharmacist, also called a chemist in the UK, is a professional who has the training on how to properly prepare and dispense medicines. They ensure that patients get the proper dosage of medications prescribed by their doctors. Most pharmacists work, of course, in pharmacies, but some also work as pharmaceutical chemists in… Continue reading »

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