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Key Chemical Manufacturing Regulations in the UK

Jessica Clifton

8th July 2020


Key chemical manufacturing regulations

Working in industries and businesses involving chemicals isn’t simple. In this type of industry, there are many pre-existing chemical manufacturing regulations to be mindful of. For one, the hazards involved mean that strict safety precautions must be met. This is why the UK government, along with international agencies, have created legal mandates to… Continue reading »

New: ReAgent’s Company History Video

Jessica Clifton

1st July 2020


ReAgent’s Company History Video

Our new company history video explores ReAgent from when it was founded over 40 years ago, and looks at how we have become a third generation family business. ReAgent was founded in 1977 by Derek Millard, who worked in a standards lab at ICI. Derek realised that he could supply this standards lab… Continue reading »

4 Essential Lean Manufacturing Podcasts for 2020

Jessica Clifton

24th June 2020



You may have read our recent blog post on the best science podcasts to listen to in 2020 to can boost your science knowledge, where we presented a mix of funny, educational and quirky science podcasts. Today, we’re looking at the best lean manufacturing podcast episodes. Manufacturing is what we do at ReAgent,… Continue reading »

Why Choose a Career in Chemistry?

Jessica Clifton

19th June 2020


Why choose a career in chemistry

With all the career options available, you probably already have various choices that pique your interest. However, it’s important to know what you want from your career. Practicality and stability? Excitement? Being able to make new discoveries and push the boundaries of human knowledge? Helping people and our planet? A career in chemistry… Continue reading »

What is a Chemical Reaction?

Jessica Clifton

17th June 2020


What is a chemical reaction

A chemical reaction is distinct from a physical or phase change (e.g. evaporation, which is a change from liquid to gas) because the reaction involves a change in atomic combinations. For instance, the chemical reaction of water with sodium is an exothermic violent reaction that releases one hydrogen atom per molecule of water… Continue reading »

Best Careers in Science

Jessica Clifton

10th June 2020


Best careers in science - become an astronaut

Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Stephen Hawking. You could say that these famous names had the best careers in science. They followed their passion for science throughout their lives and were rewarded with incredible careers, being recognised worldwide for achievements that have impacted the scientific world and beyond. Pursuing a science education past… Continue reading »

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