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Everything You Need To Know About ISO 13485

Lucy Bell-Young

20th November 2020


Red ISO 13485 seal stamp

When manufacturing medical devices, no matter where you are in the supply chain, it’s crucial to adhere to the necessary rules and regulations so that the product is safe for end-users. But, with quality standards for products varying from country to country, it can be difficult to standardise these regulations. This is where… Continue reading »

The Chemistry Behind The First Paper-Based Electronic

Lucy Bell-Young

16th November 2020


Inspiration concept crumpled paper light bulb metaphor for good idea

An everyday piece of paper has been successfully transformed into a self-powered device, and there’s a lot of chemistry behind this paper-based electronic. In an effort to bring low-cost, flexible electronics to the market, a team of engineers at Purdue University in Indiana, US, have created a specially formulated spray deposition that can… Continue reading »

The Chemistry Behind Sugar

Lucy Bell-Young

11th November 2020


The chemistry of sugar

As a staple household item and common food additive, not many of us think about the chemistry behind sugar when this sweet confection is brought up. Instead, images of its fine, crystalline grains, or tightly compacted cubes spring to mind. However, the everyday sugar you add to your cup of tea or baking… Continue reading »

How To Become An Analytical Chemist

Lucy Bell-Young

9th November 2020


Analytical scientist measuring samples in glass test tubes

Becoming an analytical chemist is no easy feat. In addition to earning a degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or any other chemistry-related field, you must also master all the skills and techniques necessary to gain precise qualitative and quantitative data from chemical substances. If you’re interested in how to become an analytical chemist, this… Continue reading »

Watch Our New Chemical Manufacturing Video

Lucy Bell-Young

6th November 2020


People working in chemical manufacturing facility

We’ve recently released a brand new video that shows you how our chemical manufacturing service can meet your needs by taking you behind-the-scenes of ReAgent’s state-of-the-art factory. Whether you’re interested in how a leading chemical manufacturing company operates or are simply curious about how we do things, now’s your chance to take a… Continue reading »

Pharmaceutical Packaging Rules & Regulations

Lucy Bell-Young

4th November 2020



The rules and regulations for pharmaceutical packaging have been designed to prevent outside contaminants from entering the products. According to these standards, packaging for pharmaceuticals must also be compatible with the substance it holds. The forms that pharmaceutical packaging can take vary from ampoules, syringes, and blister packs, to medicine bottles, nasal sprays,… Continue reading »

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