BLOODHOUND Project Gears Up to 500mph

Lucy Bell-Young

10th January 2018

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BLOODHOUND Project SSC Gears Up to 500mph

The BLOODHOUND SSC Project is challenging the World Land Speed Record with its jet-powered SuperSonic car. The team have already hit one milestone – but that’s nothing compared to what they have in store for this year. What is the BLOODHOUND Project? In case you haven’t heard, the BLOODHOUND Project is a high-technology plan to create… Continue reading »

ReAgent Gets Involved with the SoftSlide Project

Lucy Bell-Young

20th December 2017

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Dynamic Seals

ReAgent are excited to announce that we have been invited to embark on a new adventure that will reshape the moulded parts industry. Together with other leading European companies, we join the SoftSlide project to deliver an innovative method of manufacturing dynamic seals. The Project In a previous blog post, we told you about an… Continue reading »

The SoftSlide Project: A New Dynamic Sealing Generation

Lucy Bell-Young

6th December 2017

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The SoftSlide Project

Introducing the SoftSlide project: an innovative powerhouse that is entering the fore of the moulded parts industry – and it is going to change the world of dynamic seal manufacturing with ground-breaking technology. ReAgent are playing an important role in this exciting undertaking; but before we get into that, what is the project all about?… Continue reading »

Have You Seen Our New Chemical Blog?

Lucy Bell-Young

20th November 2017

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ReAgent’s New Chemicals Blog

Back in August, we were excited to announce that a new website for our eCommerce store had successfully launched. The rebuild benefits from a wide range of new features. These range from a responsive website design and improved security, to an integrated MSDS database. Among these is another exciting element – our new chemical blog! Here… Continue reading »

Why Are Chemicals Stored In Plastic Containers?

Lucy Bell-Young

8th November 2017

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Why Are Chemicals Stored in Plastic Containers?

Have you ever wondered why plastic containers are most commonly used for storing chemicals? It goes well beyond the variety of shapes and sizes they come in, or the environmental benefits they offer, although these are major bonuses. Storing a chemical in the right container is the first way to ensure safety when handling strong… Continue reading »