ReAgent Sells Copper Sulphate, How Is It Made?

Dan Wiggins

4th August 2016

Chemicals, Manufacturing, Science



How is copper sulphate made? The two main ingredients to create copper sulphate are copper and sulphuric acid, but simply adding copper to a diluted acidic solution will not promote the oxidation reaction. This is because the standard reduction potential of copper (+0.52) is higher that hydrogen (0.00), which means copper has a lower tendency… Continue reading »

ReAgent Outlines the Vast & Specific Uses of Distilled Water

Dan Wiggins

26th May 2016




Ranging from 1 litre bottles to 1000 litres containers, at ReAgent you can find distilled water, for whichever application you may need it. This is a type of water where all organic and inorganic impurities have been removed during the distillation process, leaving a clear and colourless product. The distilled water you can buy from… Continue reading »

ReAgent Begins Production on Health & Safety Training Videos

Dan Wiggins

21st April 2016

Company Info, Company News, Manufacturing


Spill Kit Health and Safety – 1

The marketing team at ReAgent have been working with our health and safety coordinators to produce a series of training videos that can be used internally for any new staff who needs to learn the ropes of health and safety procedures at ReAgent.  Efficient & Practical Training Videos We made the decision that preparing detailed… Continue reading »

e Cigarettes – What Chemicals are Involved?

Dan Wiggins

8th July 2015

Chemicals, Manufacturing



Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) estimates that there are currently 2.6 million adults in Great Britain using e cigarettes, Of these, approximately 1.1 million are ex-smokers while 1.4 million continue to use tobacco alongside their e cigarette use.  Electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes are often dubbed as a “healthier & cheaper alternative”. They generally tend… Continue reading »