Caustic Soda Pellets (Analytical Use)

25th October 2018



An image showing Caustic Soda Pellets (Analytical Use) in a 500g container

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Caustic soda as a carbon dioxide absorbent

One of the main properties of caustic soda – also known as sodium hydroxide (NaOH) – is its ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, which has become the basis for many carbon dioxide absorbents used both in the lab and in industrial settings. These devices rapidly and effectively absorb carbon dioxide and acid gases, and are popular in a variety of physiological and analytical studies.

How it works

Typically, these filters are made of caustic soda-coated silica, which gradually changes to white due to the formation of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3).

NaOH CO2 -> Na2CO3 H2O

In the late 90s, researchers suggested the use of the same principle applied in a large scale to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, but this approach remains a point of contention due to high costs. A second problem with this method involves the process of “causticization”, or the recovery of the initial caustic soda to continue the reaction. In this case, researchers are still trying to develop ways to remove chemical pollutants from the solution, in order to recover clean caustic soda.

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