The Complete Guide to Demineralised Water

3rd April 2019


Everything you ever wanted to know about high purity, demineralised water!

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about our new ultimate guides to popular chemicals. Our first guide was on everything you ever wanted to know about deionised water.

This time, we’ve written the complete guide to demineralised water. One of the most popular chemicals we sell here at ReAgent is highly purified water, so we get lots of questions from customers about the different grades of water, what the best type of water is for different needs, specifications and safety data sheets. These guides will hopefully help answer some of these common questions.

Spotlight on Demineralised Water

We sell many different types of water at ReAgent. Many industries and businesses need demineralised water as it has so many uses, including:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Electronics – to wash circuit boards without contaminating them
  • Petrochemicals – to treat cooling tower blowdown
  • In labs as a solvent, to prepare buffer solutions, dilute chemical concentrations and clean equipment
  • Power industries and refineries – in high-pressure boiler feeds
  • Steam applications such as steam irons
  • Vehicle engine cooling
  • Commercial window cleaning as it leaves no residue
  • Laser cutting and laser cooling

The Complete Guide to Demineralised Water

A Complete Guide to Demineralised water on

You’ll find our complete guide to demineralised water over on our sister website, This ultimate guide contains everything you ever wanted to know about demineralised water, such as:

  • What is demineralised water?
  • How is demineralised water made?
  • Uses of demineralised water
  • Benefits of demineralised water
  • Can you drink demineralised water?
  • Hazards of demineralised water
  • Demineralised water specification
  • Demineralised water Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Where to buy demineralised water
  • Useful demineralised water resources, such as Wikipedia and the World Health Organisation (WHO)

We’ll also be producing complete guides to a range of other chemical products – check here to find them!

If you’re looking for demineralised water – or any other type of high purity water – you can either buy online or contact ReAgent’s friendly team who can suggest the right type of water to suit your needs.

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