The Complete Guide to Distilled Water

24th April 2019


This is everything you ever wanted to know about distilled water!

You may already have seen our series of guides to popular chemicals. We’ve already published the Complete Guide to Deionised Water and the Complete Guide to Demineralised Water.

Because water is such a popular chemical with a huge range of uses, we’re continuing this theme and have just published a Complete Guide to Distilled Water.

In this guide, we’re answering some of the most frequent questions we’re asked by our customers about purified water, and distilled water in particular.

Spotlight on Distilled Water

Distilled Water Uses

You can buy many different types of purified water, and distilled water is one of the purest. Read our Complete Guide to find out what distilled water is, how it’s made, its uses, specifications, and more. We’ve also included links to further information and reading material that you may find useful.

Distilled water has many benefits, including:

  • High purity
  • Non-corrosive
  • Doesn’t leave a residue
  • No scale build-up
  • Excellent solvent
  • Rapid manufacturing time

Its very high purity is the reason it has so many uses across a wide range of industries.

The Complete Guide to Distilled Water

This ultimate guide contains all you need to know about distilled water, such as:

  • What is distilled water?
  • How is distilled water made?
  • Uses of distilled water
  • Benefits of distilled water
  • Can you drink distilled water?
  • Hazards of distilled water
  • Distilled water specification
  • Distilled Water Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Where to buy distilled water
  • Useful distilled water resources, such as thoughtco and the World Health Organisation

We’ll be publishing complete guides to a range of other chemical products (not just water!) – check back here to find them!

If you’re looking to buy distilled water – or a different type of high purity water – you can either buy online or contact ReAgent’s friendly team who will recommend the type of water that best suits your needs.

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