Conductivity Standard 1000 µS

28th October 2018



An image showing Conductivity Standard 1000 µS in a 500ml container

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  • MSDS is also available to download from our website
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Practical Implications

Not surprisingly, hard water has considerable high levels of conductivity and total dissolved solids. However, attempts to soften the water – with water softeners, for example, do not necessarily reduce conductivity and total dissolved solids, like magnesium and calcium – which cause hardness – may be removed but they’re replaced with an equal amount of sodium and potassium.

Hard water can cause serious problems if it builds up in pipes, valves or filters, adding maintenance costs to the process. This is common in swimming pools and spas, as well as washing machines and kettles. In an industrial process, water conductivity and total dissolved solids need to be tested on a regular basis, to avoid any adverse effects caused by scale build-up.

Another case where water conductivity and total dissolved solids need to be checked frequently is in hydroponics and aquaculture. In these examples, water quality is essential to ensure that plants and fish develop normally. In aquaculture, some species thrive better if they’re in similar conductivity levels as their native environment, whereas is hydroponics, conductivity results is an indication of the nutrient level in the water.

Public water also undergoes several types of testing, including conductivity measurements. It’s important to note that by themselves, these results mean very little as they give no indication of what is present in the water. Nevertheless, as part of a wide range of measurements, conductivity results are a useful guide to indicate any potential risks in the water.

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