Conductivity Standard 1413 µS

28th October 2018



An image showing Conductivity Standard 1413 µS in a 500ml container

Need Conductivity Standards 1413 MicroSiemens?


  • We supply conductivity standards 1413 microsiemens in 500 ml containers, with discounts available for bulk orders over 4 items
  • We also supply Conductivity Standard 20 µS, Conductivity Standard 25 µS, Conductivity Standard 84 µS, Conductivity Standard 100 µS, Conductivity Standard 500 µS, Conductivity Standard 650 µS, Conductivity Standard 1000 µS, Conductivity Standard 1200 µS and Conductivity Standard 10000 µS
  • In addition, all our products come with further options, such as specific pack sizes and personalised labelling


Resistivity Versus Conductivity

There are some situations where, instead of expressing results as conductivity, it may be easier to express as resistivity. One example is ultrapure water, where conductivity values can be extremely low, and it is better to use whole numbers (from resistivity) as opposed to fractions (if expressed as microSiemens). These two units are exactly the inverse of each other: the reciprocal of 0.10 µS/cm [or 1/(0.10 x 10-6 S/cm)] is 10 x 106 ohms-cm (10 MΩ-cm). This means both measurements can be used interchangeably and represent exactly the same result.

Why is it Important to Measure at a Specific Temperature?

Temperature plays a vital role when assessing samples for conductivity. As such, measurements are usually conducted at 25°C, which is a typical reference temperature. If measurements are done in a different temperature, it may affect results, as ionic activity increases with increasing temperature.

To avoid these errors, it is possible to correct values obtained at different temperatures by using a correction coefficient, expressed as a percentage per °C. If needed, this correction coefficient factor can be determined by measuring a sample at the reference temperature and again at a higher temperature. From these results, it’s possible to calculate the correction value.

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