Conductivity Standard 500 µS

27th October 2018



An image showing Conductivity Standard 500 µS in a 500ml container

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How to Measure Conductivity?

Conductivity is measured with an electrical conductivity meter, commonly known as an EC meter. This device was designed to measure the electrical conductivity in a solution, such as, for example, to produce deionised water or in hydroponics to monitor the number of nutrients and impurities in water.

The most common equipment used in the lab relies on four platinum electrodes and a potentiometric method. To measure conductivity, an alternating current is passed through the outer pair of electrodes and the potential between the inner pair of electrodes reflects the solution’s conductivity.

In theory, conductivity can be calculated by measuring the distance between the two pairs of electrodes, but to obtain more accurate results, usually, the process is repeated with calibrating solutions and using electrodes of well-known conductivity.

In an industrial setting, conductivity probes typically use an inductive method, involving two inductively-coupled coils. One of the coils is supplied with a known voltage to produce a magnetic field, while the other coil works like a transformer.

Then the solution to be tested is forced through a channel in the sensor to form a turn in the secondary winding of the transformer. In this case, the induced current is the measurement of conductivity. This is the preferred method in large-scale applications because the solution never reaches the electrical parts of the sensor and therefore, it’s easier to maintain.

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