Conductivity Standard 650 µS

24th October 2018



An image showing Conductivity Standard 650 µS in a 500ml container

Looking for Conductivity Standard 650 Microsiemens?

  • We supply conductivity standards 650 microsiemens in 500ml containers, with discounts available for bulk orders.
  • We also supply Conductivity Standard 20 µS, Conductivity Standard 25 µS, Conductivity Standard 84 µS, Conductivity Standard 100 µS, Conductivity Standard 500 µS, Conductivity Standard 1000 µS, Conductivity Standard 1200 µS, Conductivity Standard 1413 µS and Conductivity Standard 10000 µS
  • MSDS available to download from our website
  • All our products also come with further options, including customised labelling and specific pack sizes

What is Conductivity?

Conductivity – also know as specific conductance – measures the ability of a solution to conduct electricity. Typically, the unit used is Siemens per meter. Measuring conductivity is a very common procedure in many industrial processes, as a cheap way to assess the ionic content of a solution. The higher the conductivity, the higher the ionic content.

One of the most relevant examples involves water purification systems, where measuring conductivity is a way to assess the performance of the method used. For example, high quality deionised water should have a conductivity below 5.5 μS/m, whereas drinking water can be up to 50 mS/m and seawater may reach 5 S/m. This means seawater’s conductivity can be one million times higher than that of deionised water.

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