Electrode Boiler Reagent

25th October 2018



An image showing Electrode Boiler Reagent in a 25 litre container

Why Buy Electrode Boiler Reagent Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

ReAgent are a chemical manufacturer, based in the United Kingdom, supplying chemicals to a huge range of organizations, which includes household names in industrial sectors including power generation, pharmaceuticals, and chemical distribution.

ReAgent Chemical Services Ltd have been a major player in the chemicals sector for more than 3 decades and during this time, have built a first-rate reputation for top quality chemical products and first-class service levels.

  • ReAgent Ltd are also a qualified ‘Investor In People’ and are well along the process of realizing ISO 14000 accreditation.
  • ReAgent Chemical Services manufacture and supply our chemicals in pack sizes from very small packs up to 1000L intermediate bulk containers.
  • If a client requires, we produce and supply in step with the most specific standards amongst which are different Pharmacopoeias (NIST, ASTM etc)..
  • Most of the chemicals we sell in the UK is delivered via overnight delivery.

Along with Electrode Boiler Reagent, we stock and supply an enormous variety of chemical products which includes bespoke chemicals, analytical chemicals and reagent and indicator chemicals.

For example:

  • One-of-a-kind Test Kits and constituents
  • Petrochemicals manufactured to ASTM Standards (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediaries produced to British and European Pharmacopoeias.


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