Everything There Is To Know About Ethanol

22nd May 2019


New! Read our Complete Guide to Ethanol and find out everything you ever wanted to know about this commonly used chemical.

We have recently launched a series of guides to popular chemicals and have published the Complete Guide to Deionised Water, the Complete Guide to Demineralised Water, and the Complete Guide to Distilled Water.

Our newest guide is the Complete Guide to Ethanol (the author had some fun researching this one…). In this guide, we answer some of the most common questions we’re asked by our customers about ethanol (including whether you can drink it…).

A Complete Guide to Ethanol – ethanol made through fermentation of plants and crops

Ethanol is made through a process called fermentation – find out how in our guide

Spotlight on Ethanol

Read our Complete Guide to find out what ethanol is, how it’s made, its uses, hazards, specifications, download the Material Safety Data Sheet, and more. You’ll also find some handy links to more information and reading sources that you may find useful.

The Complete Guide to Ethanol

A Complete Guide to Ethanol

Ethanol is used to make alcohol – but it’s not always safe to drink. Find out more in our complete guide

This ultimate guide contains all you need to know about ethanol, such as:

  • What is ethanol?
  • How is ethanol made?
  • Uses of ethanol
  • Can you drink ethanol?
  • Hazards of ethanol
  • Ethanol specification
  • Ethanol Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Where to buy ethanol
  • Useful ethanol-related resources, such as Chemical Safety Facts and thoughtco

We’ve published complete guides to a range of other chemical products with more to come – you can find them all here!

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