Glycerol / Glycerine / Glycerin (Analytical Use)

26th March 2019


An image showing Glycerol / Glycerine / Glycerin (Analytical Use) in a 200 litre drum

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Use as a chemical intermediate

Glycerol is a popular compound in many industrial processes as a chemical intermediate, including in the manufacture of various explosives such as dynamite and gelignite, as well as propellants such as cordite.

War time needs for explosives in particular stimulated the development of synthetic methods of producing glycerol, as traditional sources from soap making could not meet with the demand. Despite the somewhat “darker” beginnings, these methods are used today for a variety of products including pharmaceutical applications such as nitroglycerin to treat angina.

Glycerol is also used in the manufacture of allyl iodide, which is then used in many applications from pharmaceuticals to preservatives. The synthesis involves reaction between phosphorus and iodine in the presence of glycerol.

Today, there are many research groups trying to develop new products from glycerol, in particularly using by-products from biodiesel manufacture, which typically contains about 20% water and residual catalysts. One avenue scientists are exploring is the use of crude glycerol as a renewable energy source.

Other uses include:

  • Conversion to ethanol, acrolein, propylene glycol and epichlorohydrin
  • Production of hydrogen gas
  • Production of glycerine acetate as a possible fuel additive

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