Happy (Early) Halloween from ReAgent! Have you seen our Ghosts?!

28th October 2016

Company News

Have you seen the Ghosts who have invaded our home page? It must be Halloween! 

We love getting in the spirit during holidays, and even though Halloween isn’t as widely celebrated as the likes of Christmas and New Years, we still like to have some fun. This year is no exception, as we have added flying ghosts to the home page of our ReAgent.co.uk website. Haven’t seen it yet? Go and check it out!

Missed our Halloween post last year?

We wrote about 3 Spooky experiments that can help to improve the life and appeal of your decor! Including the vomiting pumpkin… dry ice and Gooey slime!

These three simple decoration experiments can really spruce up your decorations around your house for your parties!


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