The Cold, Winter Mornings are Setting In… Have you stocked up on AntiFreeze?

10th November 2016


It’s that time of year again. The cold weather has begun to settle in and we need to take the appropriate steps to ensure our car runs appropriately and doesn’t begin to break down for our daily work commutes. Thankfully… we have solutions to make your winter commutes hassle-free.


We can supply antifreeze ready to use in 5L and 25L containers, 200 L drums and 1,000L IBC, with bulk discounts for purchases over 4 orders in some of the options. Purchasing anti-freeze from ReAgent can prevent the issues many people face who drive on a daily basis, whether its their daily commute to work or other reasons.


Water is the coolant we use in internal combustion engines. It can solidify in cold winter months so antifreeze is useful to stop it reaching freezing point and keep it in liquid form. Ethylene glycol is the compound that commonly makes up antifreeze. However, when ingested, ethylene glycol is converted to calcium oxalate crystals which can accumulate in vital organs and cause damage.

As a safer alternative, we supply non-toxic antifreeze which has propylene glycol as the base. This has only recently been used in antifreeze but it doesn’t have the sweet scent found with ethylene glycol, so reduces the risk of ingestion by pets or children. Unlike ethylene glycol, if propylene glycolis ingested, it doesn’t convert into calcium oxalate crystals and its only potentially hazardous by-product is produced in very small quantities. Due to hard water in Europe, most antifreeze is developed without phosphates and contains silicates and carboxylates instead. Read more.

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