Hydrazine Standard 80 ppb

24th October 2018



An image showing Hydrazine Standard 80 ppb in a 1 litre container

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Turbidity measurements

One of the possible uses of hydrazine standards is to assess water quality in terms of its turbidity. The presence of undissolved material – including clay, algae, organic matter and even bacteria – suspended in solution severely interferes with light passing through, increasing water turbidity. In simple terms, turbidity is the opposite of clarity. To allow scientists to measure the level of turbidity in the water it is essential to have a reference value against which the results can be compared: enter hydrazine standards. Hydrazine has several properties that make it a excellent analytical standard to evaluate water quality:

  • It can re reproducibly prepared from assayed raw materials
  • It has ideal physical characteristics for a good light-scatter calibration standard by forming a wide range of particle shapes and sizes

However, there are also some problems associated with the use of this compound:

  • This standard includes hydrazine sulphate, which is currently classed as carcinogenic and mutagenic – but concentrations used during callibrations are typically very low, reducing the risk of exposure
  • Nevertheless, it is essential to take into account that hydrazine is more stable in high concentrations, which some labs may prefer to use to allow storage for longer periods

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