Hydrochloric Acid 1M (1N)

25th October 2018



An image showing Hydrochloric Acid 1M (1N) in a 2.5litre container

Why Buy Hydrochloric Acid 1M (1N) Online from ReAgent Chemicals?

ReAgent can supply hydrochloric acid 1M (1N) in 2.5L and 5L containers, with discounts available for bulks orders. Typically, this product is sold as 0.9995 to 1.0005M (Full information can be found on our Sales Product Specification available to download from our website).

We also offer other options, including bespoke blending and custom packaging. Simply contact us for further information or free technical advice.

Niche Applications for Hydrochloric Acid

In addition to being used as a reagent in many industrial processes, this acid is also used in a small number of niche applications, including:

  • Leather processing
  • Household and industrial cleaning products
  • Removing mortar from bricks
  • Purification of salt
  • Construction industry
  • The food industry
  • The oil industry

Wide Range of Products

We offer a wide range of products, including hydrochloric acid in different grades and concentrations. Please take a moment to browse our site to find the product you need to cover your needs. In addition, if you’d like assistance, a member of staff is always available to answer your questions or help you place an order. All our products come with 100% quality guarantee and are usually shipped within 24 hours.


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