Iodine 0.05M

26th March 2019


An image showing Iodine 0.05M in a 2.5litre container

Why Buy Iodine 0.05M Online from ReAgent Chemicals?

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How to Obtain Iodine

Significant natural accumulations of this element are very rare and only three locations are economically viable for extraction: the Caliche in Chile and some gas and oil fields in America and Japan. Of these, the Chilean caliche is certainly the largest producer.

In combination with its most famous product – sodium nitrate – their mining operations also find sodium iodate and sodium iodide.

As an alternative, the American Anadarko Basin gas field and the Japanese Minami Kanto gas field can be a source of iodine naturally occurring in brine. This solution, collected at over 60°C, is first purified and acidified with sulphuric acid, and subsequently oxidised to iodine in the presence of chlorine.

The final step involves concentrating this rather dilute iodine solution by blowing hot air in the solution to evaporate iodine, which is trapped in the acidified environment of an absorbing tower. The resultant hydrogen iodide (HI) finally reacts with chlorine to generate iodine, which can then be filtered and purified.

2 HI Cl2 → I2 2 HCl
I2 2 H2O SO2 → 2 HI H2SO4
2 HI Cl2 → I2 2 HCl

These solutions still contain a certain amount of impurities, which can be removed by sublimation. Purer iodine can be obtained by reaction with potassium iodide and copper(II) sulphate to produce copper(II) iodide, which decomposes spontaneously to generate pure iodine and copper(I) iodide.

Cu2 2 I– → CuI2
2 CuI2 → 2 CuI I2

Quality Guarantee

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