We brush up on our Beauty Knowledge at Making Cosmetics

16th April 2014


Making Cosmetics 2014 Conference

Making-cosmetics-cardboard-furnitureBecause of the innovative ideas and useful industry information we gained from our visit to easyFairs Packaging Innovations, we continued with our vow to attend more events and on 25th-26th March we visited the Making Cosmetics 2014 Conference.

This was held in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and was a fantastic networking opportunity, as it provided us with the chance to meet suppliers, organisations, experts and brand owners in the cosmetics industry.

Making Cosmetics focuses on taking ideas from “concept to consumer” and we were able to educate ourselves further on consumer trends and key issues, particularly during the Making Cosmetics “magic” dinner which allowed us to get to know other companies even more. It was refreshing to be able to share our ideas and listen to others over good food, wine and entertainment.

Networking Opportunities

We visited the event as a member of the BCMPA and enjoyed seeing many other members there. Crucially, the event provided insight into what the cosmetic market would demand moving forward; information which can give us a nudge towards making adjustments at ReAgent to accommodate upcoming changes and stay ahead of the competition.

We made new contacts in the water testing industry that kindly helped us out by discussing ways to improve our water treatment process. We always strive to improve in all areas and a consultancy company is now planning on taking a look at our current water purification system to see how we can supply water of an increasingly higher quality.

Making-cosmetics-Darren-SimonBusiness Opportunities

Making Cosmetics allowed us to discuss the possibility of joining up with other members of the industry to create fresh new products for the market. We were also able to re-connect with an existing customer of ours, whom we’ve developed a cosmetic product with in the past. This particular customer has chosen to return to us to add an anti-bacterial property to their product, because there is now high consumer demand for anti-bacterial products.

All cosmetic products require that we follow strict guidelines during all stages of the manufacturing process and we have to test them in accordance with the standard. Attending Making Cosmetics opened our eyes further to current and upcoming customer trends, and we’re pleased to get on board with producing anti-bacterial products as demand grows.

We spoke to another member of the BCMPA who told us they were interested in setting up a meeting in the UK for contract packing in the chemical industry. To us, this sounded like a great idea so we suggested they get in touch with an administrator from Chemicals North West and we look forward to attending.

Making Cosmetics Dinner

The dinner was organised by Step Exhibitions and the BCMPA and gave us the chance to network more closely with people from all breadths of the industry. We shared a table with large companies such as GSK all the way to smaller start-ups. Not only were we served beef with vegetables and four deserts, but the wine was plentiful and the entertainment was impressive. We had the chance to relax to the sound of the guitar duo, and be amazed by the tricks and “psychic mind” of the magician!


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4 comments on “We brush up on our Beauty Knowledge at Making Cosmetics”

  1. Hi Thanks for a great write up about what was an excellent event, and it was really good to meet Rich and his team at the Making Cosmetics dinner. Just to let you know though that Making Cosmetics and the dinner is organised by Step Exhibitions and not easyfairs.

      1. That’s great, thanks Rich,
        Definitely hope to see you back for 2015, great to see ReAgent using the experience at Making Cosmetics in such a pro-active and positive manner.

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