Mixed Solvent IP354

27th October 2018



An image showing Mixed Solvent IP354 in a 2.5litre container

Looking for mixed solvent IP354?

  • We supply mixed solvent IP354 in 2.5L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders over 4 items

  • we also supply Acid Titration Solvent, Alkaline Titration Solvent, Base Number Solvent ASTM D4739, Chlorobenzene / Acetic Acid 2:1, Mixed Alcohol Solvent and Titration Solvent (CD4 TAN)

  • MSDS available to download from our website

  • With all our products, we also offer further options including customised labelling and specific pack size

About solvents and solutions

If you dissolve a substance – can be liquid, solid or gas – in a solvent, you produce a solution. For this, the solute needs to dissolve in the solvent, and it’s not the case for example, when mixing sand in water. In this case, sand does not dissolve in water and remains as sand.

In contrast, like mixing salt in water, the ingredient dissolves completely and is distributed uniformly in the solvent, leaving no residue. This is considered a single phase, as opposed to separate continuous phases, as in emulsions and suspensions.

Typically, if a small amount of one substance is dissolved in a large amount of another, this is know as solubility; but if the mixture can occur in all proportions for both substances, it’s called miscibility.

Forming a solution also involves molecular changes, in as much as the molecules of the solvent arrange themselves around the molecules of the solute. From a chemical point of view, entropy is increased and the solution is more stable than if solute and solvent remain separate.

How safe is mixed solvent IP354?

This product is sold as a mixture of propanol and toluene. Both these chemicals can be dangerous, so it’s important to follow adequate safety procedures. It’s a highly flammable solvent, which means it needs to be stored away from heat and ignition sources. Exposure – especially if prolonged or to high concentration – can cause serious health problems. These include, for example, irritation of eyes and skin, drowsiness and dizziness if inhaled and lung damage if swallowed.

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