Molybdate Reagent Analyser Solution for Silkostat

26th October 2018



An image showing Molybdate Reagent Analyser Solution for Silkostat in a 2l container

Need to buy molybdate reagent analyser solution for Silkostat?

·         We supply molybdate reagent analyser solution for Silkostat 9210 in 2L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders over 4 items

·         This product is sold with 1-5% sodium molybdate mixed in a 5-10% solution of sulphuric acid, and less than 0.01ppm silica for accurate results

·         MSD is also available to download from our website

·         We also supply oxalic acid reagent analyser and reducing agent analyser solution for Silkostat 9210


Safety concerns about sulphuric acid

·         Fire and explosion hazard: Not flammable, but releases toxic fumes if involved in a fire

·         Health hazard: It’s classed as a highly corrosive chemical, and may cause severe chemical burns if in contact with skin. Also, if ingested or inhaled it may cause serious and permanent damage to the digestive and respiratory tracts. In case of exposure, wash affected area with water if in contact with skin or give water to drink if ingested or inhaled and seek medical assistance immediately.

Safety concerns about sodium molybdate

·         Health hazard: Classed as irritant to eyes and skin, and may cause nausea and vomiting if ingested or inhaled. Always wear appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles. In case of exposure contact the doctor immediately, even in the absence of symptoms as any signs may be delayed for a few hours.

·         Chemical hazards: can corrode some surfaces on prolonged contact, such as plastics and rubber materials. Should be stored away from strong alkalis and oxidising agents, as the mixture can be highly exothermic.

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