Muriatic Acid 0.01M

27th October 2018



An image showing Muriatic Acid 0.01M in a 2.5litre container

Why Should You Buy Muriatic Acid 0.01M from ReAgent?

  • We supply muriatic acid 0.01M in 2.5L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders
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Most Popular Use: Pickling of Steel and Iron

As a strong inorganic acid, muriatic acid has found its way into many industrial applications, from the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds to pH control. However, one of the most popular and important uses of this acid in the pickling of steel and iron. The main purpose is to eliminate iron oxide (commonly known as rust) from steel or iron before any further application, such as galvanising, rolling or extruding. The process can be described with the following reaction:

Fe2O3 Fe 6 HCl → 3 FeCl2 3 H2O

Historically, the acid solutions used were re-used as iron(II) chloride (ferrous chloride), but this practice has been decreasing over the years due to the high levels of heavy metals in the pickling liquor. Instead, the industry has developed ways to remove muriatic acid from the solution to be re-used by itself. The most common regeneration method includes a pyrohydrolysis reaction according to the reaction:

4 FeCl2 4 H2O O2 → 8 HCl 2 Fe2O3

The recuperation of the used muriatic acid (HCl) allows the system to operate in a loop, with continuous use of the same acid solution, and considerably reducing costs. In addition, the iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3) generated in this reaction is in itself a valuable product and is used in many different industrial processes.

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