Muriatic Acid (Laboratory Use)

27th October 2018



An image showing Muriatic Acid (Laboratory Use) in a 2.5litre container

Looking for Muriatic Acid for Laboratory Use?

  • We offer muriatic acid for laboratory use in 2.5L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders
  • The product is sold with a minimum 35% purity levels, and less than 0.004% sulphate, 2ppm iron, 2ppm heavy metals and 0.01% non-volatile matter
  • We also offer many other options with all our products, from customised labelling to specific pack sizes
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Safety Procedures to Handle Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is a very strong acid, and as such safety procedures must be followed at all times when handling this chemical. One of the main concerns about muriatic acid is the formation of acidic mists, which have a corrosive effect on human tissue – it’s classed as both irritant and corrosive. These fumes can be extremely dangerous, affecting the respiratory and digestive tracts if inhaled or ingested. As such it’s essential:

  • To work in a well-ventilated area, or use appropriate breathing systems in a confined space
  • To always wear protective clothing, including gloves, goggles and acid-resistant clothes and shoes
  • This compound must be stored in clearly labelled containers, away from open flames or sources of ignition. It must also not be stored with strong oxidisers (such as sodium hypochlorite or potassium permanganate, for example).
  • Despite not being considered environmentally dangerous, this compound should be disposed of according to the local authority requirements
  • For your information, the full MSDS is available to download from our website

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