As part of our deionised water offering, ReAgent is now able to quickly fill tankers with our treated water from our deionisation plant.  

Upgrading our water facilities

Before our recent deionisation upgrades, the time to fill a tanker with water was around five hours. We were restricted both by the size of our deionised water storage tank, and by the ability of our pumps to fill the tankers quickly. 

But in good news, we have now upgraded our tanker filling plant and machinery to improve:

  • The availability of water for tankers 
  • The speed in which we can fill them

A tanker being filled with water

Our new water storage tank for tankers is a 20,000L stainless steel vessel that can be replenished at a rate of 8,000L per hour. 

This tank upgrade, alongside a newer, more powerful pump assembly, means we can fill a 25,000L tanker in a much-improved 90 minutes.

ReAgent's stainless steel 20,000L tanker filling vessel

To ensure water quality, we have also upgraded the filtration and UV treatment of the deionised water in this vessel. These upgrades help to maintain the water quality when stored.

Water pump and filtration equipment

We sell large volumes of water in many different grades. Whether you’re looking for ampoules, IBCs or tankers, you can buy water from our online store


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