Potassium Permanganate 5% w/v

26th October 2018



An image showing Potassium Permanganate 5% w/v in a 2.5litre container

Looking for Potassium Permanganate 5% w/v?

  • We supply potassium permanganate 5% w/v solution in 2.5L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders
  • MSDS is also available to download from our website
  • In addition, with all our products we offer a wide range of options, including personalised labelling and bespoke blending

What is potassium permanganate used for?

The vast majority of its applications take advantage of its strong oxidising properties. In addition, this compound is preferred over other oxidising agents as it doesn’t generate toxic by-products, making it an easier and safer product to use in a large scale.

  • Antiseptic: Potassium permanganate can be used very effectively to wash and disinfect hands and feet, aiding in the treatment of fungal infections and dermatitis
  • Water treatment: This compound is also a popular ingredient in the water treatment industry. It’s mostly used to eliminate hydrogen sulphide and iron from water and can be used in multiple applications, from waste water to swimming pools.
  • Used in the synthesis of organic compounds: Potassium permanganate can be used as a reagent during the manufacture of organic compounds, such as pyrazinoic acid, saccharin, isonicotinic acid, chloroamphenicol and ascorbic acid.
  • Analytical chemistry: This compound represents a useful way to assess the quantity of oxidisable organic matter in solution. The result is known as the permanganate value. An aqueous solution containing this chemical can be used as a titrant in certain redox titrations.
  • Preservation of bananas: As this fruit ripens, it releases ethylene. However, this natural process can be delayed by developing ways to remove this compound. One of the most popular methods is to pack the fruit in the presence of polyethylene and potassium permanganate. This mix is able to oxidise ethylene and prolong shelf-life up to 4 weeks.

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