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10th March 2016

Company News

We’ve added new pages to our website that will help to promote new services that we offer to all of our clients and potential customers. Occasionally, we review the content on our website to ensure that all of the services we offer are being correctly advertised for any new potential customers to see. 

We pride ourselves on keeping every aspect of our online identity up-to-date so that all potential buyers have the same accessibility to our products and services as already existing customers. From a previous content review there was a decision to add two new pages offering new services to our website. The new pages that have been added focus on Chemical Product Packing.

Chemical Repacking

ReAgent has been repacking chemicals for over 25 years and can handle a wide range of products including powders, liquids, pastes and gels. We can also repack products that are solid or semi-solid at ambient temperature such as petroleum Jelly.

We can ensure that all packaging used complies with the legislative requirements of European Regulation (EC)No 1271/2008 (CLP). We can also design and print labels that comply with the requirements of CLP as well as the regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods (ADR).

As part of our chemical repacking service we are able to assist in the following areas:

  • Sourcing Chemicals
  • Blending bespoke formulations
  • Specification of packaging
  • Sourcing of packaging
  • Filling packages / containers
  • Labelling / printing of CLP compliant labels.
  • Provide dangerous goods notes for road / Sea freight
  • Packing under controlled conditions (Clean room / nitrogen purge)

Read more about the Chemical Repacking services that ReAgent offers. 

Packing Company

Every product that we pack has its own set of unique requirements, some chemicals such as Silver Nitrate must be protected from light or this will cause an accelerated decomposition of the product. For light sensitive products opaque HDPE may be suitable or other alternatives are amber glass (brown) bottles.

As a company that manufactures and blends chemical products we naturally needed to pack our own products into suitable packaging. We have always ensured that the packaging used will perform in key areas such as Product Integrity, Customer Safety and convenience and of course comply with the prevailing regulations regarding the shipping of hazardous chemicals whether that is the now outdated Chip regulations or their successor CLP.

All packing operations are carried out in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 quality systems. We have full traceability from receipt of products and packaging right through to delivery to the customer or end user.

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