ReAgent Content Updates – Now is the Time to Review our Service Pages!

19th May 2016

Company News

We have a long list of service pages on our website and we take pride in ensuring that these are kept up to date to accurately reflect our chemical manufacturing services.

Keeping Up to Date

We have decided that now would be an appropriate time to refresh the content throughout the website to mirror the new and refined services that we now offer at ReAgent. Our capabilities are always changing and improving, after the investment of plenty of new equipment, we need to ensure that potential customers and users of the site are aware of our chemical manufacturing services.

Over the past two weeks we have updated plenty of pages on our website, as well as across all of our European websites.

The pages that have recently been updated are as follows:

Sachet Packing

When selecting sachet packing it’s crucial to consider user safety, the nature of your product and its application. ReAgent can pack your product safely and efficiently no matter what the quantity.

Contract Manufacturing

Outsourcing your contract manufacturing to ReAgent gives you freedom and security to expand your business whilst benefiting from industry leading expertise, service and guaranteed levels of quality.

Filling Company

When outsourcing to a bulk filling company you want high quality, reliable services run by experts in the field. So how do you filter out the good companies from the bad? And what makes a good filling company?

ReAgent UK | Chemical Manufacturing Services

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Thanks to over three decades experience and an in-house clean room facility ReAgent can offer a range of high quality pharmaceutical manufacturing services including packing, repacking, mixing and blending.

Packing Company

ReAgent packs products into a wide range of containers from the following types packaging. Packaging selection is as important as the product itself. The wrong packaging choice can be a costly or even dangerous mistake.

Construction Chemicals

ReAgent offers the ability and expertise to develop bespoke construction chemicals for specific requirements. Our products are accredited with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality and environmental standards.

Contract Bottling

Getting a a new product off the ground can be challenging. Investing in specialist equipment to manufacture, pack and ship your product can be cost prohibitive, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Contract Filling

When looking to outsource contract filling, you need a company with enough experience and the capacity to grow as demand for your product increases. ReAgent is ideally placed to fill this need and much more.

If you’re interested in some of the services we offer, but not sure it will be right for your product, contact our sales team to discuss possibilities. If we feel the job is not right for us, we will refer to you the appropriate location so you get the best outcome for your business.