Reducing Analyser Solution for Silkostat 9210

26th October 2018



An image showing Reducing Analyser Solution in a 2l container

Need reducing analyser for Silkostat 9210?

·         We supply reducing analyser for Silkostat 9210 in 2L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders over 4 items

·         This product is old with levels of silica below 0.01ppm

·         MSDS is available to download from our website

·         We also supply molybdate reagent analyser solution and oxalic acid reagent analyser solution for Silkostat 9210

How safe is the reducing solution?

The reducing solution contains ammonium ferrous sulphate and concentrated sulphuric acid, so it’s important to have in place appropriate safety procedures when handling this product:

·         Sulphuric acid: It’s a highly corrosive chemical, and it can cause severe chemical burns if in contact with eyes and skin. Also, it may cause permanent serious damage to the respiratory and digestive tract if inhaled or ingested. Even dilute solutions can be irritant. It’s important to wear chemical-resistant nitrile gloves and safety glasses, as well as specialised breathing apparatus if handling highly concentrated solutions.

·         Ammonium ferrous sulphate: this chemical is not flammable, but it may release toxic fumes, including nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide, in the event of a fire. It can be very dangerous if ingested, and even low doses can cause vomiting and diarrhoea, with concentrated doses causing coma and death. Protective equipment is essential, including gloves and goggles. In case of accidental exposure, remove items of clothing and wash with copious amounts of water. Make the patient drink plenty water and see immediate medical assistance.

100% quality guarantee

All our products come with 100% quality guarantee and are usually shipped within 24 hours after purchase. If you need help, please contact us and a member of our customer service team will be glad to help before, during and after your order. We also offer free technical advice about all our products. Contact us for further information.


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