Reduction Analyser Solution Kit for ABB 8241, 8061, 8062, 80652, 8065

25th October 2018



An image showing Reduction Analyser Solution Kit in a 10l container

Need reduction solution kit for ABB 8241, 8061, 8062, 80652, 8065?

  • We supply reduction solution kit for multiple ABB monitors in 10L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders

  • This product is sold with 0.16% w/v formic acid

  • We also supply Analyser Solution Reagent 1 for ABB 8232 Ammonia Monitor, Analyser Solution Reagent 2 for ABB 8232 Ammonia Monitor, Second Acid Analyser Solution (High Citric) for Kent EIL ABB 8241 and Second Acid Analyser Solution for ABB 8241 Silica Analyser

  • Full MSDS is available to download from our website

  • With all our products, we also offer further options such as personalised labelling and bespoke blending

About ABB monitors

The reduction solution is needed for ABB’s calorimetric monitors to measure silica in steam generation and demineralisation plants. The process involves a reaction between molybdate, sulphuric acid and silica to generate molybdosilic acid complexes, which have a yellow colouration. An acidic environment ensures minimal formation of other molybdate complexes and improves sensitivity. This is followed by a reduction, turning the yellow complex to blue, which is subsequently measured in the calorimeter. This measurements correlates with the concentration of silica in the original sample.

The process starts with the addition of sulphuric acid to lower the pH, after which molybdate is added to form a yellow complex if silica is present. A second acid solution (including sulphuric and citric acid) is added to further drop the pH and favour the subsequent reduction reaction.

In samples with high levels of phosphate, it’s advisable to increase the concentration of citric acid to reduce the risk of phosphate complexes which would incorrectly increase the final result. The reduction solution is added and yellow complexes turn blue, and the intensity of the colour measured by calorimeter.

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