Resiply Video Testimonial

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

18th August 2016

A working relationship we’re proud of

Over the past few weeks we have been shouting from the roof tops in regards to our working relationship with Resiply LTD. Along with the support of our manufacturing capabilites, Resiply create extremely powerful products that are revolutionising their respected industry.

Resiply creates a fantastic product for joint and point paving. A simple to mix resin that simplifies time and effort spent pointing your pavement, and leaves it looking professional and clean. We sat down with John Stafford, managing director of Resiply LTD to discuss how working with ReAgent has helped him to expand as a company and grow his business over the past few months.

ReAgent interviews John Stafford, managing director of Resiply LTD

As you can see from the testimonial video, our working relationship with Resiply and John can only get stronger. The products we have developed in junction together have proved to be a big seller with the public. Inspiring us to constantly plan ahead and perfect any future developments John and our chemical experts can come up with.

” I like to work with ReAgent because I think they’re a forward thinking company, they’re really easy to work with. The staff have been really fantastic with me”

– John Stafford, Managing Director, Resiply LTD

If you’re interested in the products that Resiply has to offer, why not head over to their website?


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