Resiply Product Showcase: ReAgent Marketing & Resiply Team Up

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

17th November 2016

Resiply is a company we’ve been working extremely closely with over the past few months. Resiply specialise in creating pointing solutions for indian paving and cobbles. Their revolutionary product has begun making a huge impact on the industry already, and with the help of ReAgent’s sales team and expert chemical blenders, we hope to sky rocket the awareness of Resiply even more over within the foreseeable future. 

Video Production

ReAgent’s marketing team recently went off-site to film with John Stafford, managing director at Resiply LTD. Our goal was to film the simple process that Resiply’s pointing product, ResiDual consists off. The simple product allows even the most inexperienced of people to point their pavings with a professional outcome.

We wanted to help John begin to promote Resiply through the use of video marketing, something which we have plenty of experience doing. The video was always planned to be short and simple, visually interesting and provides clear insight into the steps behind using the product appropriately. And that’s what we feel the footage we shot will concede too. Below you can see some stills of the shoot.

Plastic containers of chemicals

Plastic bucket and containers of chemicals

We intend to have the video completed at some point over the next few weeks, once some ammendments have been completed. But to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of our posts over the coming weeks then make sure you subscribe to our RSS Feed and follow us on Twitter.


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