Video: Sachet Filling and Sealing Machine in Action

8th July 2013


Earlier this year ReAgent made a significant investment in a brand new, custom built, form, fill and seal sachet filling machine. We launched the service back in April and we’ve just completed work on a short video to show the machine in action.

In the video you’ll see the machine filling white plastic sachets with sodium bicarbonate powder and printing our logo onto each one.

How does the sachet filling machine work?

  • Laminated film is fed from a roll through the printer
  • Printer prints desired graphics and/or information onto the film
  • Film is fed over a forming tube which makes it into a tube shape
  • The tube is fed down and the rear is heat sealed shut
  • The bottom of the sachet is heat sealed whilst the sachet is filled with powder
  • The top is sealed and cut resulting in a filled and securely sealed sachet

Our machine is capable of handling liquids, creams and gels as well as powders at volumes from 0-100ml or 0-100g per sachet. Not only that, but the machine can handle a range of laminated films, both pre printed and blank as well as foils and even water soluble films. We can output up to 27,000 sachets per day with the machine working full tilt and can handle very short to very long runs depending on the needs of the customer.

Find out more about our Sachet Filling Service.