Second Acid Analyser Solution (High Citric) for Kent EIL ABB 8241

25th October 2018



An image showing Second Acid Analyser Solution (High Citric) in a 10l container

Looking for second acid analyser (high citric acid) for ABB 8241?

  • We supply second analyser (high citric acid) for ABB 8241 in 10L containers with discounts available for bulk orders over 4 items

  • Full MSDS is available to download from our website

  • We also supply Ammonium Molybdate Analyser Solution 1.5% for Kent EIL, Cleaning Analyser Solution for Kent EIL Silica Analyser and Hydrazine Monitor Reagent Analyser Solution for EIL 8732/7835

  • We also offer further options, including specific pack sizes and customised labelling

Chemical solutions used: quality and safety issues

There are two acid solutions (sulphuric acid and citric acid), a molybdate solution and a reduction solution used to operate the ABB 8242 silica monitor. In case of the acid solutions, it’s important to store them safely, avoiding contamination with ubiquitous silica present even in dust. It’s also vital to thoroughly clean and wash containers used to store these solutions, as the equipment performance depends heavily on their purity.

In addition, all staff must follow appropriate safety procedures to handle these chemicals, particularly sulphuric acid and concentrated ammonia. Staff must wear protective clothing including rubber gloves and face protection and operate under a fume hood.

Both the first and second acid solutions have a shelf-life of several months, but the molybdate and and reduction solutions must be prepared and used immediately or they lose their activity very quickly.

Why use high citric acid?

This product is sold with high citric acid levels, and it should be used in situations where high levels of phosphate are suspected in the sample to analyse. Typically, levels are increased by 100 to 120 g/L.

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