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In the game since 1977, our expertise of industrial cleaning processes and products spans many years. As well as supplying high quality, bespoke formulations, ReAgent can also act as a third party manufacturer. Our flexibility, adaptability, and reliability have established ReAgent as one of the leading chemical manufacturers in the UK.

However, our capabilities encompass a great deal more than just chemical manufacturing. At ReAgent, we put our customers first and go the extra-mile to ensure that they receive the service they deserve. From custom chemical blends to custom label design, we can offer a variety of services to best suit the needs of your business.

ReAgent can offer…

  • Bespoke manufacture and blending of Customer Formulations
  • Development of new products in conjunction with our customers’ requirements
  • Customisable product label design that best reflects your company’s unique style
  • Procurement of the highest quality raw materials
  • Cost-effective solutions that meet customer specifications
  • ISO 9001:2008 accredited products and services
  • Reduced environmental impact in all we do

Manufacturing Bespoke Chemical Formulations

At ReAgent, we have a range of specialist equipment that enable us to blend a variety of chemical products. From industrial detergents to surfactant compounds, the versatility of our production facilities means that we can take your cleaning product from concept through to a packaged ‘on the shelf’ product in an efficient way.

No matter what cleaning formula you require, we can work to your specifications and manufacture your product to the highest quality standard. At ReAgent, you won’t be limited by batch size as we cater for a range of sizes, from 2ml vials to 25,000 litre tankers.

Our 40 years of experience also makes us competent in handling a number of chemicals, whether they’re cream, liquid, or powder. On top of this, we can advise on alternative raw materials by having relationships with a network of manufacturers. This way, we can continue to meet your expectations in a cost-effective way, no matter what volume, product, or packaging you require.

Development of New Products

We have been developing new products for over 40 years. In our cleaning chemical manufacturing process, our products are tailored to cleaning in the:

  • Food Industry
  • Automotive Sector
  • Industrial Markets
  • Institutional Markets
  • Laundry Markets
  • Laboratory Equipment

Our in-house chemists and technicians have been involved with all of these sectors, and more over our many years as a leading UK manufacturer. They have not only formulated specialist ranges of products to be used in various cleaning processes, but have also customised these to be as cost-effective as possible.

Raw Material Procurement

ReAgent’s dedicated purchasing team always strive to ensure that our materials are obtained from the highest quality sources. As part of our customer focused approach, we have also built strong relationships with our suppliers so that we can react to emergency short notice requests.

We constantly review the market to ensure that we are competitive in our offering, and more than willing to listen to our suppliers if they have new developments or materials.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With our expertise we can offer advice in order to optimise and add value to your requests wherever applicable. We can do this while still following any specifications and requirements you have for your product. By working together in a mutually beneficial relationship, we can achieve the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly product.

Legislative Compliance

With the introduction of the European Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances known as the CLP Regulation, ReAgent has striven to be ahead of the game. All of our customer formulations have been carefully reviewed to ensure compliance and, where required, that adjustments and modifications have been made.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Respect and care for the environment are fundamental to our work, and these values are built in to every product we manufacture. Materials are purchased in re-usable containers to alleviate unnecessary packaging. We control our power and water consumption, and also regulate our generation of waste wherever possible. Our commitment to these values are reflected in our accreditation to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

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Why choose ReAgent?

Care for the environment built in
Respect and care for the environment are fundamental to our work and these values are built in to every product we manufacture.
Quality, reliable raw materials
Our global network of suppliers and in-house water plant mean access to high quality, excellent value raw materials is only a click away.
Services shaped by your unique requirements
We examine your needs and mould ourselves around them, even if that means developing new techniques or procedures.
Open door policy
We understand the need for quantifiable levels of quality and that’s why we welcome customer audits and always respond positively to any requests for action.

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